If you’re reading this,  it means you have an interest & desire in being a social media influencer! That’s exciting! Being an influencer means sharing what you love so that others can be exposed to new products, learn about them & ultimately want to try them, because they trust you to share things you really believe to be amazing.

I am now offering the chance for you to be an affiliate through my Maskcara business. There are:

  • No fees
  • Unlimited free & 50% off product potential
  • No commitment
  • No purchase requirements by 
  • No products to carry on 
  • Maskcara fullfills all orders and customer concerns
  • You get a free affiliate code to share any where
  • You get access to tons of information to share with your followers
  • Redeem your rewards at any time
  • Unlimited affiliate codes

Once we get you set up,  which just takes a few minutes, I’ll provide you access to all the tools you need. I’ll answer all of your questions and I’ll answer all the questions of the customers you send my way. I’ll do all of their color matching and ensure they purchase through your affiliate link.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me at or leave me a message here and I’ll get you set up gorgeous!

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