Frequently asked Questions about becoming an independent consultant with J. Elizabeth Boutique

How long has this company been a Direct Sales Company?
December 2017

How old I have to be, to be a consultant?
16 years old.

Why do they need my SSN?
Tax purposes.

What happens if i want to resign?
The is a cancellation form in your back office, just submit it and you’re good to go.

Are there penalties if I resign?

What is the Compensation Plan?

Compensation Plan

  • 20% Bronze: 0-$299
  • 22% Silver: $300-$1199
  • 25% Gold: $1200-2999
  • 27% Platinum: $3000-4999
  • 30% Diamond: $5000+

*New Compensation Unlocks after $10,000! More details to come.

*This is based on your PERSONAL LIFETIME SALES. Once you hit a rank, you do not go backwards.*

-Downline Compensation-

Level 1’s are the people that enroll directly under you to become a consultant. Level 2’s are the ones who enroll under your level ones, and so on…

Bronze, Silver, & Gold

  • Level 1- 5%
  • Level 2- 4%
  • Level 3- 3%

Platinum & Diamond

  • Level 1- 5%
  • Level 2- 4%
  • Level 3- 3%
  • Level 4- 2%
  • Level 5- 1%

*The are NO minimums at this time to earn Downline Commissions*

Does personal life time sales include my teams sales?
No it does not.

Is there a minimum we must sell over any certain amount of time?
No, not at this time.

Are there incentives and bonuses?
They are coming!

When do I get paid?
You get paid every Saturday on your Personal and Team sales for the week prior.

How do I get paid?
Via paypal.

What are the fees involved?
$9.99 a month for your personalized website, this is paid every 30 days.

Do I get a discount on personal orders?
You do, but it’s in the form of commission. You get commission on your personal orders.

Where are we currently enrolling consultants?
US only. We will be expanding in the future.

Can I sign up someone else in my household?
No, only one consultant per household.

How many consultants do we have?
2000 and growing every day!

Who do I go to if I am having issues?
You come to me! I am available to help you with what ever you need. Should I not be available for some reason, you’ll have an incredible upline who can help you.

How much is shipping?
US: $5.50 for up to $98. $99 and up FREE!
Canada: $15 for up to $98. $99 and up FREE!
We are only shipping to these 2 locations at this time.

How many days until a customer receives their order?
Normal time to receive orders is 7-10 business days (Mon-Fri) after order is placed. Once order is shipped, another email will be sent to customer with the tracking number.

What is the Return Policy?
Returns are accepted within 10 days of receiving your item. Item must be unworn. Shipping is the customers responsibility, unless otherwise approved.

How do the shirts fit?

  • Crew Neck and V Neck Shirts are unisex fit–for a tighter fit, size down.
  • Long Sleeve Hoodie- They are unisex fit as well– size down for a tighter fit.
  • Two Toned (Baseball T)- They are unisex fit as well– size down for a tighter fit.
  • Racerback Tank- More fitted, size up for a loser fit.
  • Kids-True to size.

What sizes are available?
Small to 2XL. 3XL is available in some designs. XS, and 4X are coming soon.

How is the quality of the shirts?
Great! They are very well made, soft, and comfy.

Are they unisex?
Yes! So if a customer wants a tighter fit, they can size down in the t shirts.

Where are the shirts made?
Various Locations, but they are printed in the US.

What brand are the shirts?
Bella Canvas, Anvil, Next Level, etc. They are listed on the site.

How are designs put on shirts?
DTG, Direct to Garmant. Its a printing system. The more durable way to print on clothing.

What are washing instructions?
DTG you can wash and dry as normal.

Can we do custom DESIGNS?
In the future yes, at this time they are on hold. But when you become a consultant, there is a special way that you can suggest designs!

Does the owner take suggestions?
She sure does!

What is BYOT?
BYOT is Build your own Tshirt. This is available for current designs at this time. This means if you want a different color shirt or font, you can use this option. It come with a small upcharge.

How often are new shirts posted?
Most often we are adding things weekly.

Do we run promotions?
From time to time, yes.

Are their parties with this or party rewards?
It is coming in the future.

Will we be adding other lines of clothing?
Yes. This includes but is not limited to a mens line, mommy and daughter, mommy and son, as well as some accessories. All are in the works, so stay tuned.

Do we run promotions?
From time to time, yes.

Are their parties with this or party rewards?
It is coming in the future.

Do you have more questions? Let me know! I am more than happy to help you with anything you need. Just email me HERE.

Are you ready to sign up to become a consultant? $10.00 is totally worth seeing where this adventure may take you!

Just follow my link below to to my website. From there, it should bring you directly to the consultant registration page. Take less than 5 minutes to fill out the required information & that’s it! You’ll be all set to start sharing your new business immediately. Easy peasy!


Once I receive email confirmation of your enrollment, I’ll take you under my wing and add you to the most supportive group of amazing women who love clothing and inspiring women to be their best! Join our tribe, love!

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